We offer services in all aspects of the protection, control, and measurement of electrical systems (38V to 400kV)

Design, Manufacture, Installation, and Commissioning

  • Protection, control and measurement systems.
  • Generator AVRs and Static Excitation Control Schemes
  • Design of Protection Control and Measurement Schemes for:
    • Transformers and Reactors
    • Feeders
    • Generators
    • Bus-bar
    • Motors
    • Capacitors

Generation, Distribution, Reticulation, and Maintenance

  • Testing and commissioning of:
    • Protection relays and schemes to improve performance and security.
    • All types of current and voltage transformers.
    • Transformers protection devices.
    • Circuit breakers.
    • Motors, capacitors, reactors, etc.
    • All electrical functions of generators.
    • Existing installations (re-testing and audit of).
    • Power Generators: 50kW to 600MW.
    • Generator Excitation Systems.
    • Supplier of Generator Voltage Regulators.

Rotating Plant Testing

  • Generator Static Tests performing:
    • Rotor winding tests RSG: RO.
    • Stator winding tests (capacitive discharge and tip-up voltage)
    • Voltage Regulators
  • Generator Dynamic Tests
    • Short circuit characteristic.
    • Open circuit characteristic.
    • Rotor stray flux analyses.
    • Voltage regulator response (test and setting).
    • Generator heat-run (tests).
    • Synchronization (tests).
  • Performance and Failure Analysis
    • Post fault investigation of protection and plant failures.
    • Recommendations and solutions to avoid further occurrences.
  • Maintenance / Refurbishment
    • Audit of existing protection systems and plant via performance testing and evaluation.
    • Recommendations regarding maintenance and upgrading.

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