Basler Product Range

Voltage regulators range from simple regulators to complex excitation systems and provide precision control of virtually any size generator.

Voltage regulator accessories provide additional benefits to voltage regulators, including:
generator support, automatic voltage build-up and overexcitation shutdown.

These products are designed for prime and standby power applications and include solid-state technology and frequency compensation.

These extremely flexible products offer a wide range of functionality to support genset and industrial engine applications.

These flexible units provide security and incredible value, and are ideal for use by utility, industrial, commercial and institutional customers.

Both BE1 utility grade relays and BE3 industrial grade relays are offered for basic protection. Many of these products are also designed to operate in harsh electrical environments.

Also known as paralleling relays, most automatic synchronisers compare the input voltage and phase relationship of the bus bar to that of the generator.

Basler offers a wide range of software communication products. Using software communication, files can be set up without being connected to the hardware. These settings can be exported, e-mailed and transferred for rapid sharing of knowledge.


Specifically designed to protect generators, substations and feeders, motors, transformers, etc.

Static exciter systems custom designed to support a wide range of applications regardless of the prime mover. Our excitation systems will enhance system performance and improve efficiency in new and retrofit applications. We support excitation currents up to 10,000 Amps and field forcing levels up to 1500 Vdc.

Controllers with paralleling capability, control, transfer switch control, metering, protection and programmable logic. All features come together in a simple, easy to use, reliable, rugged and cost effective package.

Provided free with all products, an easy to use point and click tool. To ease the difficulty of setting up complex devices, BESTCOMS and/or BESTCOMSPlus is provided free of charge with the products. A common platform for all our numerical devices, programs allow users to create and edit files, download COMTRADE oscillography files and view BESTWave files.