Basler Electric Company

Basler was a pioneer in digital regulation (US Patent 5,294,879) for industrial generators in the 1990s. Subsequently, the company developed a family of controllers with fifth generation micro-processor-based excitation systems.

RST is proud distributor of products manufactured by the Basler Electric Company which continues to lead the way in innovation in the power generation industry, just as it has for the past 75 years.

Basler has an enviable worldwide reputation for advanced product development and precision manufacturing (of products) to utilise and control the power of electricity.

Basler Electric was established in 1942. A privately held corporation, Basler is under second and third generation ownership. Its corporate headquarters are in Highland, Illnois (near St Louis, Missouri). It has additional facilities in Taylor, Texas, Piedras Negras in Mexico, Suzhou in China and in Singapore.

Basler’s global presence helps it identify the needs of specific markets and applications worldwide and provide solutions with quality products and services to meet customers’ requirements.

The company is organised into three product groups: Magnetic Product Group, Power Systems Group and its international division.

The Basler Electric Company name and symbol are recognised as being synonymous with robust, reliable, state-of-the- art generator set (or genset) controls, voltage regulators and accessories, synchronisers, static excitation equipment and protective relays. Its reputation is based on a solid technology and quality standards that stringently meet (and often exceed) international standards.

Basler Electric benefits from focusing engineering and development resources on our key applications: regulation, generator/motor system control, power.

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