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Relay System Technology cc (RST) is a South African based company and is a representative for Basler Electric Company. RST operates in Africa and is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

RST offers services such as design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning of high and medium voltage systems, as well as testing and maintenance on all electrical systems.

RST manufactures Digital Generator Excitation Systems and Protection Systems. We refurbish old and existing panels with new digital systems. We also specialise in the maintenance, testing and designing of high voltage electrical protection systems.

We currently service: Angola - Botswana - Congo - Kenya - Lesotho - Madagascar - Malawi - Mauritius - Mozambique - Namibia - Seychelles - South Africa - Swaziland -Tanzania - Uganda - Zaire - Zambia - Zimbabwe


Our approach is efficient and professional. RST prides itself on its excellent service record. After sale support is important to us.

Our strengths are our long time industry experience, using top quality products and applying stringent protocols and procedures.

As the representative and agent for Basler Electric Company, customers are assured of quality products, services and installation procedures. We provide after-sale support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


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Tanya Ferreira

Andre Van Wyk

Basler Electric Company


Our Work

RST is proud of its impressive track record, having worked throughout Africa. Our projects include installations, commissioning, maintenance, etc.

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Contact: +258 21 870 005/7

Installation and commissioning of generator protection

Installation and commissioning of excitation systems

Upgrade 11kV protection and control on all feeders and generators

Supply, install and commission 33 kV substation complete (including switchgear)

Contact: +27 (0)16 360 3401

Complete supply, install and commission of 33Kv substation, including switchgear, all controls and protection

Installation and commissioning of excitation systems


Contact: +27 (0)31 581 1535


Complete supply, install and commission of 33Kv substation

Supply, install and commission 11kV controls and mimic

Supply and commission all kV protection on feeders

Contact: +27 (0)31 361 8675

Supply, install and commission excitation systems on three diesel generators

Supply of excitation systems

Installations and commissioning

Fault findings and repairs

Contact: +267 492 0200

Supply of three complete DECS-400 excitation cubicles

Install and commission two excitation cubicles

Annual dynamic and static maintenance on generator equipment

Contact: +268 409 4186

Supply, install, commission and complete DECS-300 excitation cubicle on a hydro-generator

Annual Protection Maintenance Service for:

Tongaat Hulett Sugar Mills South Africa

Tongaat Hulett Sugar Mills Mozambique

Graftech South Africa

Sony Sugar Kenya


Refurbishment and upgrade of generator excitation:

  • DECS125/15 Systems and 6 x 30 MW generators

Contact Mr Few Masut
Power Station Director
Tel: 0027(012)327 1069

  • 1 x Network fault and protection grading study
  • 1 x DECS200 System 5 MW
  • 4 x Multilin generator managements systems
  • 2 x 11kV Multilin feeder management systems
  • 1 x 33kV Multilin co-generation feeder system
  • 1 x 6 Point auto synchroniser system

Contact Mr Chan Narotam
Electrical Engineering Manager
Tel: 0027(012)327 1069

  • 1 x Network fault and protection grading study
  • 4 x DECS125 Excitation systems
  • 4 x 7MW Generators
  • 4 x Multilin generator management system

Contact Mr Alfred Akasiwa
Electrical Engineering Manager
Tel: 00260 323 0666

  • Installation and commissioning generator protection
  • 4 Generator multifunction systems and feeder system

Contact Mr Martin Ogada
Electrical Engineering Manager
Tel: 00 254 2 0120

  • Annual 11kV protection maintenance 15 feeders and 2 generators

Contact Mr John Nyakundi
Electrical Engineering Manager
Tel: 002543 874 3620

  • Annual protection maintenance
  • Service alternators

Contact Mr Helmut Kaiser
Project Manager PG Services
Tel: 0043 51707 29 673



Designed containerised low cost substation protection and control scheme

Alexandra Project:

  • Conducted study, measurements and recommendation to improve earthing of 380V distribution network

Pretoria Distributor:

  • Developed SWER line protection and reclose scheme, and low cost substation protection container 40 MVA 132/22kV transformer

Nebo Substation:

  • Manufactured, installed and commissioned protection container 40MVA 132/11kV

Bloemfontein Distributor:

  • Manufactured, installed and commissioned low cost substation protection container 40MVA 132/11kV

National PTM Protection Audits done at:

  • Tsakane Town ~ 10 substations
  • Wattville Town ~ 20 substations
  • Kagiso Town ~ 15 substations
  • Daveyton Town ~ 10 substations 11kV
  • Sebokeng Town ~ 30 substations 11kV
  • Katlehong Town ~ 15 substations 33kV

Entumeni Sugar Mill:

  • Serviced and set generator AVR
  • Re-location of generator from Mount Edgecombe

Maidstone Sugar Mill:

  • Maintenance audit on HV switchgear
  • Protection audit and generator tests
  • Upgrade generator protection
  • Design, supply, install 6 point synchronising scheme

Xinevane Sugar Mill:

  • Upgraded protection 3MW generator
  • Upgraded protection 1MW generator
  • Design, supply and commissioning synchroniser scheme

Maragra Sugar Mill:

  • Rehabilitation of two generator control systems
  • Supply, install, and commission two DECS excitation systems
  • Design, supply and commissioned 4 point synchronising system

Rehabilitation, refurbishment and start up of moth-balled power station:

  • 13 x Generators; rehabilitation, refurbishment of all switchboards on
  • Power stations A and B 450 feeder circuits

Contact Mr Pieter Immelman
Electrical Engineering Manager
Tel: 0027 11 57 2500


Morupule Power Station: (Kennedy and Donken)

  • Commissioned No.4 - 33MW generator and all associated electrical equipment from 220V - 380kV and 220Vdc system and batteries
  • 1993 / 1996: Gen 2: AVR Tests
  • 1994 / 1998: Gen 3: AVR Tests and Gen Short Circuit and Open Circuit Tests.
  • 1997 / 2001: Gen 1: AVR service and generator re-commission feeder system
  • 2002: Gen 4: AVR service and Generator re-commission
  • 2005: Gen 2: AVR service and Generator re-commission
  • Protection audit on network system and batteries
  • Upgraded 33 kV network consisting of 28 feeder bays
  • Serviced 380 V Network Circuit Breakers
  • Design and implementation of 33 kV Busbar Blocking Scheme
  • Re-commissioning of upgraded substations
  • Refurbish and restringing 11Panel 33kV outdoor substation
  • Replaced all 33KV switchgear and protection substation No.1 and No. 3

Contact Mr Russell Nash
Electrical Manager
Tel: 0027(016)360 3000

    Protection Audits:
  • South Nyanza Sugar (Kenya)
  • Kinyara Sugar (Uganda)
  • Nakambala Sugar (Zambia)

  • Hippo Valley Sugar (Zimbabwe):
  • Test/Commissioning TA 3

  • AVR Replaced With Static Unit:
  • Maragra Sugar (Mozambique)
  • Chemelil Sugar (Kenya)
  • Brooke Bond Tea Co (Kenya)

  • Generation Plant:
  • Triangle Sugar Estate (Zimbabwe)
  • Naftec Oil Refinery (Algeria)
  • (Sub-contracting Austrian Energy Company)
  • Replace Excitation for 10MVA T/A
    Nigerian Barge Power Stations:
  • Replacement complete control cab 40MVA
  • Gas turbine commissioning

  • Tatajabar Indonesia
  • Replacement generator protection excitation
  • System (Basler Electric) Commissioning 30 MVA